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What Is Business Coaching?


The phrase “business coaching” is a straightforward one when broken down into simple terms. It basically refers to a coach — similar to a personal fitness trainer or the coach of a sports team — who provides services to businesses or teams within a business.

Business coaching encompasses a wide array of different aspects, ranging from executive and management coaching services through to business growth strategies, consulting and advisory services, and marketing strategy and planning.

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly business coaching involves, and learn more about the advantages that business coaches provide to companies across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and throughout Queensland.

The best business coaching model for you: internal and external business coaches

Essentially, a business coach is anyone who seeks to advise and support a business or its personnel as the organisation develops. As such, business coaching can be delivered internally or externally.

Coaching is one of the principles of leadership, which is why any effective manager must also be able to serve as a coach. These managers will support, guide, and inform employees, helping them to perform more effectively in the workplace. The best coaches will deliver this support on a personal level, helping team members to grow in a way that furthers their own careers and improves their well-being, as well as benefiting the company.

Businesses that can draw upon high levels of resources may prefer to handle business coaching in-house. These organisations will offer training and support to managers, who, in turn, provide coaching to their teams in a way that promotes the growth potential of the business. However, this approach can be both expensive and resource-intensive.

As a result, many small and medium-sized businesses prefer to work with a third party. This is where external businesses coaches provide such an advantage to Australia’s small businesses, as they offer expert services with no need for in-house training. These services are delivered on a subscription basis, with regular fees that can be easily budgeted for, making it even easier for small businesses to leverage the benefits of coaching.

The overlap between business coaching and business consulting

While coaching and consulting are not interchangeable terms, there is a degree of overlap between business consultancy services and small business coaching. 

Business coaching programs and consultancy firms both provide the following:

  • Business advice to leaders within the organisational structure, focusing on how to develop growth and marketing strategies and plans
  • Support for management in business planning and in the development short- and long-term objectives
  • A focus on the future of the organisation, its leadership strategies, and its identity

However, business coaching goes further by also offering:

  • Direct support and coaching for individual personnel in a way that assists in growing the business as well as nurturing the talents of each team member
  • Executive coaching services that help members of upper management to develop their vision for the business
  • A more complete approach to business strategy, and to the models that work best for the specific organisation

A comprehensive approach to development: different types of business coaching

Now that we know a little more about what business coaches do, we can examine the different aspects of coaching in more detail. 

Executive business coaching

Executive coaching services provide support directly to upper management, helping to optimise the management structure and form a clear direction for the business. This gives management the knowledge and confidence to assess the different types of business strategy and decide which one is the best fit for the business.

In addition, executives and managers will learn how to offer business coaching services themselves, making the business more self-sustaining as it grows.

Business growth strategy

Coaches can solidify and reinforce business growth plans to make them more effective. By offering an outside perspective, these coaches trim the fat from the business strategy model, jettisoning what’s not working and getting the best from what is. In turn, the company is able to target growth far more effectively.

Coaches help to answer key questions on how to grow a business, assist managers as they assess the growth potential of a business, and focus on the growth strategies in order to leverage the best possible results. They will also be able to help business owners evolve and develop these strategies over time.

Strategic leadership

It is not enough simply to implement a growth plan and leave it at that. Management needs to be able to lead strategically and pursue the plan on an ongoing basis, instilling in all team members — at all levels — the importance of these organisational objectives.

Working with a coach can help managers and executives understand what strategic leadership is and recognise how different leadership strategies fit into the identity of the organisation.

Business planning

To achieve business expansion and growth, proper business planning is needed. In this respect, coaches work as business plan consultants, developing optimal plans that drive results.

Small business advisory

Expert business coaches can offer their services on a variety of levels, depending on the budget and available resources of the client. This includes providing small business advisory and other small-scale consultancy services, alongside more in-depth coaching when required.

Sales and marketing strategy and planning

Growth strategies in marketing can be complex and nuanced, which is why the services of an expert business coach are so important across the Gold Coast and beyond. Coaches will work with businesses, devising sales and marketing plans and strategies that bring products and services to the widest possible audience.

Marketing and sales are crucial to growth, and marketing consultants ensure that Gold Coast business owners go above and beyond their targets.

eCommerce strategy

eCommerce marketing requires a different approach, and working with the right coach will help businesses to optimise their own strategies. This, in turn, will drive revenue from eCommerce platforms.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing and eBusiness strategies are becoming increasingly important in today’s landscape. Business coaches provide an array of services in this field, ranging from eCommerce content marketing to omnichannel strategising and social media support.

When choosing which business consultants and coach companies to work with in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and beyond, it is vital to make sure that the firm you choose is adept at digital marketing. After all, this is the most rapidly developing field of marketing, and the one that will provide the greatest advantages in the future.

Online business coaching

Increasing numbers of organisations are providing business coaching online. These online businesses coaches are particularly beneficial in the modern market, as remote work and distributed teams become more commonplace. For many businesses, it is no longer feasible to handle operations from one central location, which can make it hard for teams to gain the support and coaching they might be unable to receive via a traditional model.

With online coaching, this problem is eliminated. The coaching also becomes more cost-effective and readily available for businesses, which means that more and more businesses can leverage the benefits. This is the next step in the development of business coaching, as coaching firms move away from a face-to-face means of delivering support and turn instead towards the digital model.