Blogs and Newsletters


You’ve spent all this time building your eCommerce business and site. You even have an app. Maybe including a blog seems time-consuming and out of your comfort zone — nobody told you you needed to be a clever and creative blogger to be successful.

You know the saying “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” by Neale Donald Walsch? Well, the life of your eCommerce business success might just start there, too.

Don’t turn away from the idea of a regular blog. We’ll help you with the steps you’ll need to pull it off. But first, why is it important?

More People Will Find You

Blogs are a great opportunity to insert SEO. No matter what topic you choose, you can naturally incorporate keywords your customers are using so you can potentially rank higher when they search. You can share your blogs on all your social media profiles, giving those keywords another searchable location.

A blog gives you way more content. This will help it to index higher, allowing your customer to organically find you. Just keep including trending keywords.

You Become the Expert

You know your space better than anyone else, and a regular blog can label you an expert in your field. If you’re an eCommerce business that sells outdoor clothing, a blog about the best places in the world to hike and the gear and clothing you’ll need makes you an outdoor expert.

Pick a topic in your “world,” research it and put your personal spin on it. Include tips and tricks, a checklist or shopping list — something actionable broken down into bite-sized pieces at the end of your blog. People love checklists. Trust us.

Building Brand Loyalty

We’ve mentioned before — this is the holy grail of business. When your customers become your blog readers and look forward to your weekly or monthly posts, they become loyal to one more part of your brand. They get used to your “voice” and piece it together with your products or services, giving them a broader picture of what you’re all about.

You’ll need a good mix of entertainment, information, fun, relevance and professionalism to capture a robust voice and a broad following. Sounds easy, right? It’s not. But there are plenty of people for hire that will write this kind of copy for you. This is a great checklist (see?) for hiring the right person.

Other reasons to have a great and consistent blog:

  • It’s a free marketing tool.
  • There’s a chance of going viral with great content.
  • It creates an online community if you allow comments (don’t worry, you can review and approve, first).
  • It can increase your conversion rates.



So, what’s the difference between a blog and a newsletter? A blog is part of your brand’s story — a chance for you to muse and tell stories. A newsletter is just that — a letter containing news about your company. This is the perfect place to announce:

  • Sales
  • New products
  • Spotlighted products
  • Changes in current products
  • Highlighted testimonial
  • Featured social media posts from customers

There’s no end to the announcements you can make. It’s always a good idea to include some sort of promo or coupon code. After all, you want people to read each one.

Gauging Success

As with most things digital, there are tools to help you gauge the success of your newsletter. It starts with setting up some measurable goals, like:

  • The number of subscribers
  • Your “open rate,” which measures how many people read your newsletter
  • Your “click-through rate,” which measures how many people followed through on your call to action, like visiting your site
  • Lift in sales

Actionable Items to Improve Your eCommerce Business’s Success

  • Read blogs on some of your favourite sites.
  • Make a list of topics you’d like to highlight in a blog.
  • Research, interview and hire a copywriter if you’re not doing the writing.

Avoid These Common Pitfalls

  • Not being consistent
  • Posting subpar material to “save money” (you’ll lose in the long run)

Nailing the right brand strategy to apply to both blogs and newsletters is critical. At A360 Coaching, we’re all about building up your eCommerce brand so you can have the kind of success you imagined when you started your business. Get your free growth session and see what we can do for you.