Become Hyper-Relevant

Let’s Start with Relevance

The days of being able to generate long-lasting loyalty through things like miles or points are slowly disappearing. Consumers make a lot of their decisions in the moment, and their purchases happen immediately after. If your eCommerce business isn’t relevant to that customer, their dollar is going somewhere else.

Consumers are moving from the loyalty era to the relevance era.

To be relevant, there are several things each successful eCommerce business owners need to consider:

  • Focus on how people experience your brand at every touchpoint.
  • Emphasise what sets you apart and highlight what makes you different.
  • Push your own limits and find new ways to meet your customers’ needs.
  • Make sure each decision you make, you make them from your brand’s authentic perspective.

An Example

It’s probably been a while, but think back to the last time you went into a business that only took cash. It probably sounded like a foreign language. Next, you had to consider whether you had cash in your wallet. And, if not, you had to decide if you wanted to hunt down an ATM and come back. If you didn’t come back, that business became irrelevant to you.

As an eCommerce business owner, you’ve come to terms with the fact that your customer is mobile and digitally savvy. Your customers are constantly re-evaluating their options simply because it’s immensely easy. To be relevant, you’ll need to remain at the top of your customers’ lists, even as they constantly re-evaluate what they want, instead of the old way of trying to dissuade your customer from looking anywhere else.

How to be Hyper-Relevant

To stay at the top of this new era of customers, you need to become hyper-relevant. What does that mean? It means companies who strive to become hyper-relevant need to be constantly evolving. It begins and ends with the customers’ needs and habits.

What all eCommerce companies should strive for is to be:

  • Meaningful
  • Transparent
  • Dedicated
  • Dynamic
  • Inspirational
  • Revolutionary
  • Omnipresent
  • Accountable

If you look at that list and think it’s just a little too intangible or a little too overwhelming, it is — that’s why mastering this early can make you an unsurpassable leader in your industry.

The internet today gives customers the ability to control their experience. And, that is a huge part of what defines how relevant an eCommerce brand is to them. What this means is that companies need to leverage data analytics so not only do they see fluctuations occurring in real time, but they can also act on the information. Every interaction and every transaction give eCommerce brands important information they need to use when making future marketing decisions.

The Pillars

We think of this kind of relevance as having five pillars that serve as a guide for the type of needs customers are expecting eCommerce brands to fulfil.


Customers want to feel an eCommerce brand shares their values and actively advances those values.


Customers want to feel inspired when they use a company’s products and services.


Customers want to feel that a company relates to them and actively tries to work with them.


Customers want to feel secure when doing business with a company and feel like that company will actively protect their personal interests.


Customers want a personal touch that makes them feel like every experience they have with an eCommerce brand has been tailored to suit their specific needs and priorities.

Actionable Items to Improve Your eCommerce Business’s Success

  • Be sure you are digitally everywhere your customers are.
  • Clearly define your brand’s values.
  • Double-check your site’s security and upgrade wherever possible.

Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Ignoring this new but critical perspective.

This is a new concept for most. This means mastering hyper-relevance can create an entire space for your eCommerce business to thrive by itself, without relevant competition. A360 Coaching is the pioneer of hyper-relevance.

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