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Michael Yacoub is an award-winning Business & Leadership Coach helping businesses achieve breakthrough results. 

Michael’s Business Coaching can help you plan, organise, and control your business so you save time and make more money while feeling less stressed.

I know what you are going through! I was in your position 30 years ago! I started my business to gain some independence, some freedom and more time with family. But soon I  realised that running a business takes a lot of time and effort if the structure is not right or there are no processes and systems in place.

After building several multimillion-dollar companies, I decided to become a business consultant and coach.

I wanted to build an advisory business that is unlike many business coaches, mentors, or consultants, where our fees are tied to achieving the objectives we agree with you before we start working together. This is our way of sharing the risk and forming a partnership – making it a real win-win relationship from the outset.

My clients are SMEs and entrepreneurial business owners who want an effective business that will give them the life they want… rather than one that drains it.

Whatever challenges you are facing our blended approach to business coaching and consulting can provide the expertise, perspective, and accountability you have been missing.

Michael Yacoub


Give Your Business The Ultimate Chance of Success

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    Give Your Business An Unrivalled Advantage

    Our team believes creating your business strategy should be a transparent process, not one full of mystery piece-mealed to you in little chunks for the sake of beefing up a bill. Our pricing plan is not build on surprises – it’s your money, so we’re upfront and transparent about that, too.

    We take our time with you, understanding your business, your market, your strengths, and your opportunities so we can help you clear a path to the kind of growth you envisioned when you strated your business.

    When you work with Michael Yacoub, we match you with leading-edge tools that align with your strategy and free you up to work ON your business, rather than just IN it.

    Why Choose Michael Yacoub Business Coaching

    With thousands of business caches and consultants all around Australia, all claiming to be able to help you grow your business, it can be confusing to choose the right one for your company. Here are some proven track records that set Michael Yacoub apart and make it the best choice to help you grow you company.

    30+ Years of Practical Experience​

    Michael Yacoub has over 25 years of real-world, sleeves-rolled-up experience helping more than 2,000 businesses grow their profits, systemise their operations, and increase their capital value (even taking some companies global).

    Proven, Reputable Business Growth Processes​

    Michael Yacoub Coaching team has decades of experience in implementing effective and reputable business growth processes.

    Holistic Solutions That Last

    Too many business coaches paint over problems with short-term band-aids. We go beyond popular tactics(like discounting) and address the positioning and culture of your company to give you scalable growth that lasts (with or without your direct input).

    Hands-On Help

    Ordinary coaches 'shout' theoretical instruction from the sildelines. We take time to 'walk in your shoes', understand your company and your market, and take on your business as if it was our own.

    Access To Systems, Technology and Networks

    Over the past 25 years we have developed powerful systems, adopted world-class technologies, and developed networks of specialists to help you achieve your goals faster, easier and more affordably. We'll give you direct access to resources and relationships you could never tap into on your own.

    Our Best Ideas - Free

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    “With the guidance and systems developed by Michael Yacoub, Lahanaswim has now been elevated to the next level. It has enabled both myself and my partner to step back, take a breather and focus on the strategic planning and direction of our company. I cannot recommend this beautiful team enough”

    Vrindy Benson
    Founder - LaHANASWIM

    “What a transformation our business is going through after the amazing learning and experiences gained from the growth and support we have received from your mentoring, allowing us to set a strong foundation for our fast-growing company. You and your team have the ultimate team culture that shines in your work”.

    Sarika Ferguson
    General Manager - Ferguson Migration & Education

    “On behalf of the Board of Directors at Dominic Versace Wines, I take this opportunity to thank you for an electrifying delivery of our Strategic Plan. We now look forward to develop our business and brand positioning, to realise our shared vision and mission and to establish Dominic Versace Wines as a multi award winning global brand.”

    Armando Verdiglione
    Director - Dominic Versace Wines

    Our Team

    Michael Yacoub
    Founder & CEO
    Simon Cooper
    Simon Cooper
    Financial Advisor
    Senior Business Advisor
    Olivia Yacoub
    PR & Social Media Specialist
    Senior Information Consultant
    Director of Digital Marketing
    Your Business Growth Potential Is Limitless

    We are determined to help busniesses become more EFFECTIVE & PROFITABLE. Our only question is, will your business be our next success story?